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christian louboutin outlet store tens of thousands of users of forward comments Massu on the ex-boyfriend Kong Linghui 's blessing touched a lot of friends, friends said:' After breaking up can also be a model of a friend, I hope I The former can 'There is no big thing to watch the fun of ridicule, said:' Check the Baidu, the original has not married men, women do not marry, 10 years of feelings, together, life can have several decades ~ Do not worry About you, and two people can bury the hatchet, does not mean we must together, the best relationship is not to return to the location of friends, the kind of friends do not have to chat ~ However geese, love the length of time really Explain Not a problem, this decade may be filled with many bitterness and unforgettable memories, even if there is no return, of course, love a person does not need any return ~ Learn to grow while learning how to love, love yourself, , Love each other ~ learn these of course have to pay a certain price ~ Masu 's cheerful and she loves Sahuan children are separated, I know I was back around ~ but this is the fact that the good thing ~ China is also a little

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christian louboutin outlet online for everyone to prepare a regular three series Repackage album. In the successful conclusion of the July 31 Seoul solo concert, everyone on the Repackag album EXO also expressed his great expectations. EXO return of the news came, it will be a sensation of the entire pop music, attracted many fans talking about. At the same time, EXO also through each New concert and a new attempt, again and again the perfect transformation of the magnificent show in front of the audience. The release of the Repackag album, whether to reach the goal of the third platinum is the most anticipated part. EXO has been active with The hit songs 'Monster' and 'Lucky One' since its release on June 9th with its regular 3-episode 'EX' ACT. The album also has 760,000 sales records, and Repackag At the same time, EXO also in July 22 to 24 , 29 to 31 in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena, even opened six concerts, the scene a total of a total of in the middle of August, EXO has been put into the new song preparation and return to the preparatory activities discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet but the album Member of the KAI early ankle injury has not yet fully recovered, In addition, EXO is the spokesperson of Goobne Chicken, a franchise brand of roasted roasted chicken, and is known for its high quality and high degree Of accomplishment. Dance and melody of the natural CM Chung, etc., showing the EXO colorful multicolor true self-color. Lee Choi Xie Jiayi / text Goobne Chicken, SM entertainment, bnt news bnt news submission A few days ago, Masu suddenly appeared in the popular microblogging, because the Chinese female Ping Pong players to achieve good results, coach Kong Linghui contributed ~ as Kong Linghui former girlfriend Masu made microblogging congratulations, wrote: 'see the Chinese Nvping The Chinese team For refuel, the Chinese team win. 'Because This seems to be very simple and very simple microblogging is directly on the microblogging, but also a lot of money, The headline - the reason is identity - predecessor. However, Ge Cong congratulated Kong Linghui Microblogging discount christian louboutin

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