Corvette History

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Engine Number - Transmission Number - Rear Axle Number 1954

Engine Number - stamped on the right side of the block to the rear of the distributor.  Suffix after the engine number identifies the engine build plant, the model year and the engine type.
Example:  001234F54YG

001234 Engine Serial Number
Flint Plant
Year Built
Engine Type 235 cid w/Powerglide
Engine code - YG - 6 cyl. -  235 cid - 150 hp - 8.0:1 Comp Ratio - 3x1 Carb - Auto Trans

Engine Casting number located on the right front of the block behind the fuel pump.  Casting number 1954 blocks were 3835911.

Transmission Number on  Powerglide transmissions indicates the type, month and day produced and the shift it was assembled.  Code located on the rear face of the case on the lower right corner. 
Example:  C1120N

Cleveland Plant Powerglide
Month Built (November)
Day Built (20th)
D or N
Shift bulit (Day or Night)

Rear Axle Number identifies the gear ratio, the build month and day, and plant where assembled.  Code located on the front right side of the differential carrier.
Example: MW0629

Corvette Axle - 1953 Axle built at Fear & Axle Plant
29th day of month