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C3 1968 - 1982 Tech/Performance
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hood actuator has anyone ever seen electric hood actuators to open and close hood maybe some kind of kit Steve Lowther 10/12/2020 4:07:05 PM0
Stainless Steel Headers and Side Pipes Does anyone know where I can purchase stainless steel headers and side pipes for a 1968 Corvette with an original 427 big block? Everything I have located is for a small block or LS. Your assistance would be much appreciated. jrandka 11/4/2019 12:50:09 AM0
car dies have a 1975 350cui wieth hei ignition after car gets to running tem. it dies wait 5 minutes and will start Steve Lowther 7/26/2019 9:03:28 AM1
My 1970 Keeps Cutting out when accelerating Hello. I recently purchased a 1970 base model with a matching # rebuilt engine (300hp) and new gas tank. Quadrajet, fuel pump, fuel filter, distributor, coil and most other parts have been replaced. It ran fine the first couple of times I drove it. Now, it will idle, but cuts out when I am driving it. When I step on the gas, it will stall and I have to start it back up. It seems like it isn't getting fuel?? This happened on a 90 degree day and a 65 degree day so I'm ruling out the heat. I haven't had the car that long and have only put 1 tank of gas in it. Any thoughts? I want to get it over to my mechanic to take a look without flat bedding it. John John Parodi 9/12/2018 8:30:46 AM14
Drives awful! I have a 71 coupe that has gone through a frame on restoration, all of the rubbers in the front and rear suspensions and steering were replace. took it to a Chevy factory dealer for front an rear end alignment. The car drove poorly in steering feedback and with a bit of over steering. It has now gone to three different shops and the car just drives like the it wants to over steer, way to senitive and you have to re-correct, just no stability unless its driving straight down the road and your not turning the steering wheel. I also have an older Hunter Alignment system that I bought to use just for the vette's and when checking the alignment they are pretty much spot on to the specs. I have two other vintage coupes a 69 and a 70 both drive like a vette should! The car has power steering and when it was rebuilt the power steering cylinder was exchanged due to leakage from a local parts store. Could the cylinder be incorrect, could I have to much power steering pressure or could the s... MACM 10/17/2017 8:58:36 PM3
Seat covers? Best to buy new or recover? My '77 driver's side is in need of repair so trying to make THE decison, over? Richard Russell 7/24/2017 1:59:37 PM1
VIN # request through CARFAX? I acquired a 1977 model Corvette last year and have been trying (?) to no avail to gather the car's history, especially through CARFAX which took my $$$ but have no report as the automated process didn't recognize my VIN? Dick 'frustrated' Russell,email: Richard Russell 7/24/2017 1:56:05 PM2
Transmission & Oil What is the best transmission fluid for me to use on my 1971 automatic? Also what is the best oil to be using, as I have original engine in car with 101K on it. Lawrence McLin 11/11/2016 6:22:12 PM6
V-8 Small Block Rebuild Am looking at getting my 350/270 engine rebuilt on my 1971 and if no major issues are discovered what should a reasonable cost be to have my engine rebuilt and what items should I expect to have completed in the rebuild? Lawrence McLin 5/21/2016 12:09:05 PM6
LT-1 Valve Adjustment I'm trying to adjust the solid lifters on my LT-1. A lot of the valves feel spungy. Anybody have any ideas why?? The car has 139,000 miles on it. I am using the John Hinckley and Duke Williams method to adjust the valves. Andy Andy Bedoian 6/4/2015 11:02:55 PM1
tires for 1969 I'm doing a body off restoration on my 69. I've put new trailing arms on it with a 2 inch offset for wider tires. Has anyone else done this and what size tires did you use? Seems 245/60/15 will work in the front ? and what size can be used in the rear. thanks Ken Kenneth Hertzog 1/15/2015 8:05:21 PM2
1972 String Ray Corvette - Hot climate running problem Hi All I'm new to this forum - an Irish guy living in Dubai - I've recently purchased a 1972 Stingray Convertible here - beautiful car ! I've dreamed of owning a Corvette since I was 20 yrs old when visiting the USA back in the late 80's - now I have one and need to learn a bit, infact - a lot ! . The other other night I was driving on a highway (60mph) for about an hour in roughly 90deg ambient temperature (it's getting very warm now in Dubai) and the car started to bunny hop - I slowed down to 50mph, it ran ok for another 5 / 10 minutes but then got worse and eventually cut out - I had to get rescued with a recovery truck. When the recovery truck arrived 90 minutes later, I was able to start her and drive up onto the truck no problem. A mate of mine advised me last night that V8's and high ambient temperates are not paired well. That the issue might be vapourization of the fuel mixture in the manifold - a known problem when the engine block gets very hot which occurs at higher revs... Mike O'Brien 6/9/2014 11:57:26 PM6
79 vette I have a 79 vette 383 stroker. For some reason I can't seem to solve a problem with leaking valve cover gaskets. The leak is coming from the left rear of the engine. The gaskets have been replaced several times within a short period of time. Kelvet Talley 6/13/2012 4:11:15 PM4
Smog Pump (Air Pump) Has anyone dismantled a 81 smog pump. I have taken it partially apart and now I'm stuck. I've contacted Cardone Mfg and they won't help. I was thinking of having the outer shell chromed. So I need to remove the guts. Any help would be super. Thank you. Gary Gary Pugliese 10/11/2011 1:02:38 PM1
Blow-By Issues I bought a 1970 Corvette, 350/300 HP Turbo 400 car about six years ago. Documentation shows it only has about 71,000 miles. The car has an inordinate amount of blow-by. When I first picked up the car it was really bad, but now that I drive it every month or so, it seems to have gotten a little be better. If the mileage is correct, that would indicate the car has done a lot of sitting around over the years. If the mileage is correct, then I would suspect that the rings are probably stuck as opposed to being worn-out. If that is the case, then is there a way to un-stick the rings without tearing into the motor? AJ Andy Bedoian 9/24/2011 8:41:51 PM2
More Performance Looking for ideas to increase power at minimal cost for a 1981 Coupe----car has 49,000 miles (original) and would like suggestions. Any ideas welcome Rick at Richard Koentopp 11/25/2010 10:58:12 AM2
1981 Air cleaner hose I have a 1981 Corvette and need the recently discontinued air cleaner hose to smog pump. I have looked everywhere. Does anybody know where I can purchase this, new or used? Edward Olszewski 10/8/2010 6:51:28 PM3
Big Block Intake/Hood Clearance I have a 69 big block with an aftermarket L88 hood and an Edelbrock Air Gap Intake/Holley Carb. I want to put a stock hood/wiper assembly back on the car but don't know which intake manifolds/carb/air cleaner will fit under the stock 427 hood. Will only the original setup work or are there alternatives that will also fit? noah 10/7/2010 3:22:18 PM3
Front Springs: 1970 Roadster I have a '70 roadster, 350/300HP with turbo 400 automatic. Car is fully loaded, AC, PW, PS etc... Question: I want to replace the front coil springs and understand there are no factory replacements available, only after market springs. I also understand that it's a real crap shoot on how those after market springs will make the car sit. Ride height is critical to me as I want the car to sit dead level and was told things like engine size, options etc... can all affect ride height with the after market springs. Does anyone know of an aftermarket spring that will give as close as possible correct ride height? Thanks Andy Bedoian 8/5/2010 8:35:11 PM1
Braking System problem I have a 1975 L-82 Stingray and over the last two years I have replace every part of the Brake system except for the proportional valve. My question is: is the any tpye of adjustment or calibration I need to do when I replace the proportional valve. Thank you for your help. Charles Green 6/9/2010 5:06:32 PM2
situation worse (vette no go pt #2) (Sorry I originally posted this under general discussion so this is a copy & paste move to here) Ok, I'd like to thank everyone that responded to my "vette no go" post. Since that time, I've replaced the Pertronix with a NEW set of points and condensor. I've gone as far as replacing the plugs and wires, cap and rotor. Now I have nothing, the engine turns over great but doesn't try to fire. It did backfire the 1st time I tried to fire it up.......sooooo, another question to all you vette gurus out there. Did Chevrolet get stupid and put in the nylon timing gear set or did they use the steel set? If this is the case I've been told that because of the backfire it may have JUMPED this corrected? Thanx again for all your help.....I'm missin' drivin' her in all this nice weather we been havin' and missed a few car shows as well. Russell Van Gundy 6/7/2010 2:27:21 PM0
Power antenna activation on 1978 I recently replaced a defective power antenna with an aftermarket model. The instructions made the assumption that the antenna would not activate until the radio switch was turned on. The instructiions stated that the "relay" had to be checked with a voltmeter with the radio on/off etc to avoid damage to the new antenna but they were not specific on where this relay was located. Ever since I have owned the car (1997) the old antenna activated when I turned the key on whether the radio was on or not and always worked until it finally would no longer go up or down so I replaced it. Before installing the new one, I checked the voltage on the various wires and the proper voltage was present but I couldn't test it the way it was explained since the radio does not control the voltage being applied to the antenna on my car. Does anyone know if this year activates with the ignition or the radio switch? I went ahead and installed the new antenna anyway and it works like the old one wi... Frederick Dailey 5/28/2010 9:36:27 AM3
1976 hooker header side exhaust heat shields from mid america I own a 1976 corvette and I installed a chrome headers and side exhaust system on the vette and I am looking for anybody that has bought the stainless steel exhaust shields from Mid America and wonder if they really do the job of deflecting the heat from the side exhaust.I would appreciate any feed back to this matter thanks. Charles Rush 5/13/2010 7:26:47 PM2
Vette no go Scenario: I drove my vette to work. It was runnin' normal. Stopped and got breakfast and left it runnin' like I always do. Went to work, still runnin' fine. Went to leave work and it ran about 5 seconds and shut down.....ended up killin' the battery tryin' to get it started. battery is ok now after charging, so I'm not worried about that. Back in '08, ( I believe it was) I put in one of those Pertronix boxes that fit under the distributor cap (to illiminate the points and condensor setup) and put in the new E3 Diamond Fire plugs.....she ran like a top, and still did up until a few days a go, (mentioned in the 1st paragraph). I have replaced the plug wires and plugs and cap and rotor. Now it seems like there isn't any spark at it possible that the Pertronix box went out? I can usually figure these things out but this one has me stumped. Any and all help is appreciated and thank you in advanced. Russ Russell Van Gundy 4/7/2010 11:54:05 AM12
1973 Rear End Noise I have a 1973 Stingray Coupe and the suspension parts were replaced about 300 miles ago. Lately, I've noticed a strange sensation coming from the rear end (not mine) when I turn from a dead start. If I turn left, the rear end feels as if I'm turning on gravel. It is more pronounced when I turn left, but I can also feel it when I make a right turn. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Carl Hinchey 11/6/2009 12:26:39 PM8
1977 Door Latch Problem I replaced the driver side door latch due to problems unlocking the door. Even after replacing the lock I am still not able to unlock the door from inside or outside. The only way I can open the door is to lower the window and trip the lock with a long screwdriver. Anyone have an idea on how to fix the problem? Thank you for your help. Danny Martin 11/4/2009 6:12:50 PM6
Hydramatic Transmission I have a 69 Corvette Coupe with Hydramatic transmission that may not be orginal to car (found a clutch pedal under firewall and trim on console is faux woodgrain, not available in 1969). At the base of the shifter, above the plate with engine stats, is a single black button instead of the rear indicator lamps and license plate light indicator that I see in all photos of hyrdramatic that I am able to find. Pushing button doesn't seem to ilicit any response in auto. Original engine was 427/390HP and that is what is noted on the engine stats plate. Can anyone tell me what this button is supposed to do or what kind of an option it may have been for this transmission?? THANK YOU. (I'm leaving for Afghanistan in two days so a quick reply would be VERY much appreciated!!) John Allerding 11/4/2009 6:58:47 AM0
79 Vette--headlight pop-up question The headlights on my car open and operate with no problem by using the headlight switch. However, when I shut off the engine, several minutes later, the left headlight raises on its own. This occurs even during daytime when I never used the lights. When I turn the engine on again, the headlight closes--again no switch activation. Any thoughts on the source of the problem or where to begin? Vacuum hoses, actuator, etc? Any input appreciated. Mike Mike Maliszewski 9/14/2009 6:57:25 AM1
'74 rear window leaks I have taken my rear window out of my 1974 coupe. I have the window, the new sealant, and the interior trim. Is there something else to hold the window in place besides just the trim? The trim does not seem push the window very tightly against the seal. Am I missing some parts? Thank you. Carter Carter Hubbard 7/11/2009 7:37:37 AM1
Vacuum Headlight Actuator Replacement I am having quality control issues with the replacement headlight actuators in that they are failing after a short time (a few months at best). I looked the kits for replacing the "pop up" with a fixed open and they are very "mickey mouse" given the cost. Does anyone know of a conversion to electric actuator motors? If not I may do a prototype to fill a need unless someone knows where I can get decent vacuum equipment. Robert Cockburn 6/5/2009 10:55:58 AM1
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